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If someone would like to involuntarily terminate a parent’s rights, they would have to file a petition with the court. They would have to undertake efforts to notify the parents whose rights are being terminated about the hearings. Then, the hearing would take place in court. Those are the two big steps in an involuntary termination.

What Steps Should Someone Take If They Want To Relinquish Their Parental Rights?

In order to relinquish parental rights, the parent would have to sign a form of legal consent. The consent should be notarized with an attorney and a notary. The attorney could then go ahead and file for termination of parental rights with the court based on the consent. Even though the parent is aware of the termination, they would still need to be notified.

Why Is It Critical To Retain A Family Law Attorney For A Termination Of Parental Rights Case?

Retaining a family law attorney for a termination of parental rights case is essential. It is a highly specialized area with complex hearings and case law. Therefore, hiring an attorney is extremely important. I’ve had parents who thought they had relinquished their rights when in fact they never did. Also, if you are involuntarily terminating someone’s rights, the court can appoint an attorney for the parents if they cannot afford to hire one. For example, if you are a grandparent who has been raising a grandson, and you move to terminate the parental rights of their dad or mom, attorneys are going to be appointed for them if they show up and can’t afford to hire an attorney. In contrast, you will not get an attorney appointed to you since you are the person who filed.

Hiring an attorney is necessary if you are involuntarily terminating someone’s rights. If you are a parent looking to relinquish your rights, an attorney can help you navigate the field. They can help you get in and out of the process quickly. As mentioned, these are complicated cases. Even a quick case can take six or seven hearings. Quite frankly, it is not easy to walk into a firm and find an attorney who knows this field of law.

What Steps Should I Take If My Parental Rights Are At Risk Of Being Terminated In Arizona?

If your parental rights are at risk of being terminated, you need to contact a qualified attorney. You will need someone who works in dependency cases. You’ll need an attorney to advise you on your rights and the circumstances surrounding the termination. A termination of parental rights might not even be going on. You might think that someone is moving to terminate your rights when, in reality, they are not. Or, you might think that they are trying to initiate a guardianship when they are actually trying to terminate your rights. Immediately contacting an attorney is the best move. Any attorney within this field should be able to assess your case and give you a good idea on how to proceed.

How Does Someone Respond To Receiving A Notice of Termination Of Parental Rights?

When someone receives a notice of termination of parental rights, they need to show up at the first court hearing. A termination of parental rights notification should indicate the court hearing date. If a parent does not show up, bad things can happen.

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